People have used the scents of plants, trees, herbs and fruits since ancient times to fight inflammation, depression and induce sleep

Barenaturals candles are pure therapy for you and your world. Because every time you buy one. You'll surround yourself in uplifting, relaxing, mind boosting scents, all while supporting the growth of ten new trees!

Blueberry and Vanilla Scented Candle Hot Chocolate Scented Candle Booty Bay Scented Candle Paradise Island Scented Candle Sweet Pea Scented Candle

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In Nepal, Haiti and Madagascar

We plant trees

The trees we plant have tremendous impact across the earth, often in very poor communities. When you buy a candle for yourself. You shine a beacon for the environment and you light up the lives of others too.

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Yes, it's true. We plant ten trees for every candle purchased. Deciding to buy a candle from Barenaturals means you positively impact the world you play in. 

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I bought 3 of these candles recently, quickly realised 3 was not enough!!! They have the most beautiful smells especially blueberry and vanilla and hot chocolate!!

Couldn't recommend this brand any higher and I would place them higher over the market leaders


I bought it for my husband who usually buys me a candle every Christmas, but I have been the one to enjoy it the most.

Liz Busher

The scent is lovely and cheery. The look of these line of candles is just plain fun! They will brighten up any space you choose to place them in your home.

Cindy G

Vibrant design and works well in any room/setting, I will be definitely be reordering and I'm sure I won't be disappointed if my one is anything to go by!

Amy Porterfield

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