Barenaturals Touch the No1 Wellness Pillowcase

helping people sleep better so they can feel great again

We serve those who

Hate the sound of their morning alarm clock

Feel drained and unproductive throughout the day

Are tired of feeling fed up, worn down & undervalued

Because we've been there too. Our focus on sleep health came after experiencing burnout from long gruelling hospital shifts & listening to patients mental health challenges - the one common thread was poor sleep health. When this improved, everything improved.

We know quality sleep is the key to a better life and by helping people get better sleep health, so many worries and ailments vanish. Literally overnight.

And that's why we began to make... things to help you relax, sleep and feel better. Because, with the right kind of rest ...all your dreams can come true

Barenaturals Touch - Pure & Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, Rose Petal Pink, 25 MommeBarenaturals Touch - Pure & Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. Black Knight, 25 MommeBarenaturals Touch - Pure & Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, Steel Grey, 25 MommeBarenaturals Touch - Pure & Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, Midnight Blue, 25 MommeBarenaturals Touch - Pure & Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Gold, 25 Momme

Say it loud & say it proud

"I deserve to sleep well"

"I want to experience true quality sleep"

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I love my Barenaturals pillowcase so much I can’t wait to go to bed! 😴😴😴 Even for a nap!


Harpenden, Herts


Never ever sleeping on anything but Barenaturals again. Any price is worth it!!!!


Hampsted, London


Got my first one from my husband and it’s fabulous!!! No frizzy hair and my skin looked better than ever!


Romford, Essex


I've got two and never sleep on anything else now.


Berkhamsted, Herts


Love my 2 silk pillowcases. So comforting to snuggle up to


Plymouth, Devon


I am going to order one in black. I'm OBSESSED and telling everyone I know to get one.


Altrincham, Gt.Manchester

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Barenaturals Pure

Mulberry Silk

Did you know? the silk for our pillowcases and masks is made by special & exceptionally cute silk moths who feast only on deliciously organic mulberry leaves.


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