Barenaturals Scented Candle - One Candle Ten Trees

One Candle Ten Trees

Our mission is to empower our customers to change the planet while they shop. Every sale of one of our world-friendly candles funds the planting of ten trees, protecting wildlife and supporting families in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Our candles feature plant-based waxes with sensory fragrances and are less polluting than the petrochemical waxes used by the majority of popular brands.  

In creating sensory spaces for reflection, romance and gifts, candles are a comforting ever-present witness in life, just like nature. And now they’re saving forests as well as brightening lives and homes. 

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This candle is divine, (Orchard of Eden) in every sense of the word. Slow burning, beautifully aromatic and very classy. They are obviously made with love for both the candles themselves and our beautiful earth. I love it.

Well done Bare Naturals, your products are amazing x!


Lovely candles!They're really intense but subtle at the same time. And the mason jar looks cool too!


I totally love the ethos behind the brand - organic sustainable ingredients and new trees planted for every candle bought! Booty Bay, I have to say it is amazing! The candle had a lovely long burn and the scent fills the whole room. It is presented in a lovely jar. Absolutely love this candle and can't wait to try the others!

Emma/Amazon verified purchase

These incredibly beautiful scented candles will make your house smell totally gorgeous! And, you create jobs as well as saving forests & animals! Everyone wins! 

Shanshan Xu

This is a very elegant candle. The smell I can't put my finger on, but it locks into something from my childhood. The presentation is very smart and the little box it came in made it a perfect gift. I will definitely buy one again.


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