Hot Chocolate Scented Candle

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With a cashmere smoothness and rich intensity of fresh hot chocolate scented candle is the perfect antidote to a dull day. 

Some say that luxuries should be treated sparingly. But we’re not opposed to a bit of everyday decadence.The scent of this candle is deliciously scrumptious with a sweet, rich chocolatey aroma and hints of vanilla. Transporting you to a different dimension, where it warms your heart full of kindness and supportive values

Light this candle and imagine a warm velvety blanket wrapping you softly in front of a comforting crackling home fire. Your toes tingle with joy, as you sink into bliss, with a favourite book and mug of hot chocolate. 

Plus the world will get a new tree, planted on your behalf because you choose this candle! 

Together you can shine & grow a brighter future

  • Hot Chocolate & Vanilla Scent
  • World Friendly Candle
  • Plants Ten Trees
  • A Luxury Wax Candle
  • Vegan Candle
  • Feel Good Factor +++

All Barenaturals natural candles are hand poured with the finest wax for best quality. The burn time for our large Mason Jars is between 90-120 hrs and for the small Mason Jars 40-60hrs. To lengthen the time of burn we recommend looking after your candle by trimming the wick between burns and blowing out and resting the candle after three hours burn time.

Hot Chocolate scented candle is available in two sizes, a cute 190g Mason Jar and our larger best value 445g Mason Jars. 

Barenaturals is a world friendly candle company with a mission to tackle deforestation. Each candle supports at least ten new trees in an area of need to provide homes for displaced animals, improve the lives of others and restore natural balance.

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