Mason Jar Candles by Barenaturals

Mason Jar Candles by Barenaturals

We've been putting all our expertise into finding a perfect candle. It's a hard job but we've got what is as close to perfect as you could find. It burns brightly, smells divine, keeps itself clean while burning (with a little user care too).

The thing is, we did it time and time again to ensure that perfection was shared across many different candles and we are hugely proud of the achievement. People love them, and that is what gives us joy.

The Mason Jar Candles by Barenaturals are the UK's best loved scented candles that also plant trees for the world. Once you get to enjoy one you'll get to see why too.

Anything inside the Mason Jar collection plants 10 trees, that's what gives us our reason to get up in the morning. And all the sweeter because we do it for the love of candles.

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