Sweet Pea Scented Candle

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The Sweet Pea

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With its delicate lilac shade from the Sweet Pea flower itself you’ll love the memories of blooming English cottage gardens, delightfully presented in a cool mason jar. This amazing Sweet Pea candle is a Great British favourite.

  • English Country Garden, Sweet Pea Floral 
  • Artisan wax. Made by hand/ poured candle
  • Vigorous testing for greatest user experience
  • Fragrance tested over many months for better performance
  • Great scent throw when cold
  • Floral fragrance of fresh flowers
  • Strong fragrance- not overpowering
  • 90-120 hours on large candle
  • 40- 60 hours on medium candle
  • Delightful scent from the charming floral trio of Sweet Pea, Rose and Hyacinth. This candle makes a wonderful gift to infuse spaces with pretty flowers and twinkling light.

  • Candle quality. Your candle is made by Barenaturals, a leading recognised candle maker. Our customers come back time and time again because we make candles that go all the way! Your candle will shine bright & burn right, every-time.

  • Light up your candle and throws of scent will enlighten any size room with abundant fragrant flowers

  • Even unlit, your Barenaturals candle will still infuse your space with a delicate scent of fragrant flowers

  • Your candle is be a genuine UK product, hand poured and packaged right here in ol'Blighty

  • Medium jar, approx 200g’s of blended wax delivers anywhere between 40 & 60 hours of burn time

  • Large jar, approx 440g’s of blended wax delivers anywhere between 90 & 120 hours of burn time

Care & Barenaturals

To lengthen the time of burn we recommend looking after your candle by trimming the wick between burns and blowing out and resting the candle after three hours burn time.

Barenaturals is a world friendly candle. It's all about the trees, man!

Hopefully you'll like it, we do work with our partner in planting ten trees for every candle sold. We not only like trees but think they're vital to our planet. We all like breathing, so we do it for you too.

Our trees planted so far have gone to Haiti, Madagascar, Nepal and we are beginning a new journey in Indonesia too.

These candles support the lives of our wonderful workers that plant them and their communities.

10 Trees Planted for EVERY Candle Jar Sold

Barenaturals candles are part of a recognised tree planting partnership that is actively planting millions of trees every year in places of deforestation. We plant 10 trees for every candle we sell and it's part of the reason why people trust their best loved candles from Barenaturals.

Barenaturals partners with the Eden Reforestation Projects in providing a great deal for our world. For every candle we sell we donate money to get them planting trees for you guys too


Our mission is to plant as many trees as we can and we can't do it without you. We are all in this together and through your love of candles and choosing to buy a Barenaturals candle, we have already planted thousands of trees on behalf of our totally awesome customers.

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world.
For, indeed, that's all who ever have

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We often get asked how to best care for your Barenaturals candle. And being very special we want you to get the best out of them.

Here’s something to bear in mind. We make our candles with plant waxes like pure soy. These natural candles burn evenly and much slower than paraffin wax candles.

To ensure you are getting the maximum burn time for your candle we can give you a few pointers.

Natural Soy wax has a memory so the first burn is very important. The candle must burn until a golden liquid sea pools across the top of your candle, approximately 1cm should be fine.

It helps before lighting your candle again to trim the wick to around 5mm. Wick trimming  – keeping them short and clean will eliminate any unnecessary ‘smokey’ burns. If your candle is flickering or smoking you will need to extinguish the flame, straighten the wick and then trim it before re-lighting. This will also give your scented candle a longer life. You can get some lovely wick trimmers online and soon from our store.

Keep out of reach of children and pets and place on a level, fire resistant surface. Don’t forget to extinguish your candle before leaving it alone.

Each Candle should be blown out and cooled before reaching three hours straight burn time. 

Caring for your candle will ensure that it keeps on and on, burning brightly for you.


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