Flower Farm Miracle Balm
Flower Farm Miracle Balm

Flower Farm Miracle Balm

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We all know that the best things in life come in small packages. In the handy travel version of our beautiful flower farm balm we still have the sound of a bumble bee buzzing lazily through the garden. The whisper of a gentle breeze across a meadow full of grass. A single red rose, a happy yellow sunflower and the perfect summer’s day. It’s just littler.

This smaller stature Flower Farm Balm is still great for the most delicate of areas. Bringing that same care for your skin, the fresh waterhole on a hot day. Flower Farm Balm is the miracle balm that repairs, protects and hydrates with true versatility.

We’ve made our clean and simplest friendly balm, Flower Farm Balm, but in a more convenient size for that even more highly versatile demand, space saving. Nurturing and nourishing, it’s full of natural goodness picked from nature’s garden. Our bees have been buzzing merrily around the flowers to help with this soothing balm created with raw organic virgin coconut, almonds and sunflowers.

Let it sink in and revel in feeling a bit less stressed, a bit more moisturised and a lot more loved. Clean and beautifully blended, your skin will be left silky and loved as it’s treated to the best of lost oil replenishment.Don’t forget to catch the scent of the summer bees when you pop the tin!

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