Flower Farm Miracle Balm

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Did you know, skin can get the winter blues all year round? To help, we got some sunshine into a tin (wasn’t easy but we did it!). And as we love getting nature to do what it does best, we shone lots of light onto getting it right.

This soft, absorbing balm is great for the most delicate of areas. For parched skin, this will be the fresh waterhole on a hot day. When you need replenishment and versatility, this balm will be there for where you need it most. Flower Farm Balm is the miracle balm that repairs, protects and hydrates with true versatility.

We love clean and simple and this is the friendliest balm yet. Nurturing and nourishing, it’s full of natural goodness picked from nature’s garden. Our bees have been buzzing merrily around the flowers to help with this soothing balm created with raw organic virgin coconut, almonds and sunflowers.

We do not add any fragrance and yet you can still catch a delicate scent of the summer bees as you pop the lid!

Let it sink in and revel in feeling a bit less stressed, a bit more moisturised and a lot more loved. Clean and beautifully blended, your skin will be left feeling silky and loved as it is treated to the best of lost oil replenishment

Uses: this is a fabulous multi purpose balm good for anywhere that needs some TLC

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We often get asked how to best care for your Barenaturals candle. And being very special we want you to get the best out of them.

Here’s something to bear in mind. We make our candles with plant waxes like pure soy. These natural candles burn evenly and much slower than paraffin wax candles.

To ensure you are getting the maximum burn time for your candle we can give you a few pointers.

Natural Soy wax has a memory so the first burn is very important. The candle must burn until a golden liquid sea pools across the top of your candle, approximately 1cm should be fine.

It helps before lighting your candle again to trim the wick to around 5mm. Wick trimming  – keeping them short and clean will eliminate any unnecessary ‘smokey’ burns. If your candle is flickering or smoking you will need to extinguish the flame, straighten the wick and then trim it before re-lighting. This will also give your scented candle a longer life. You can get some lovely wick trimmers online and soon from our store.

Keep out of reach of children and pets and place on a level, fire resistant surface. Don’t forget to extinguish your candle before leaving it alone.

Each Candle should be blown out and cooled before reaching three hours straight burn time. 

Caring for your candle will ensure that it keeps on and on, burning brightly for you.


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