Organic Peppermint Vegan Soap

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Add a pep to your step (or morning shower) with our minty fresh organic peppermint soap. This cheeky little number will leave you feeling as cool as a cucumber and fresh as a daisy thanks to its zingy scent and bountiful bubbles.

Now for the science bit. If you paid attention in school, you might know peppermint to be a bit of a stimulant – the plant world’s version of a strong cup of coffee. In fact, Peppermint has been known as an aphrodisiac since Ancient Greek times when the physician Galen advocated its use as a way to arouse desire among women.

While we can’t promise that our peppermint soap will have suitors falling at your feet, we can promise that your own body will fall in love with you all over again when it’s wrapped in a seductive, silky and sensual lather of 100% naturally rich awesomness.

Made from the most luxurious of ingredients and packed with lots of lovely minty essential oils. This little bar packs a big punch while still being kind to your skin. Stimulating your senses, you’ll never look at a bar of soap the same again.


Saponified (made into soap) ingredients:
Olive Oil, Palm oil ( RSPO certified ), Coconut Oil, Essential Oil Organic Peppermint. 

We often get asked how to best care for your Barenaturals candle. And being very special we want you to get the best out of them.

Here’s something to bear in mind. We make our candles with plant waxes like pure soy. These natural candles burn evenly and much slower than paraffin wax candles.

To ensure you are getting the maximum burn time for your candle we can give you a few pointers.

Natural Soy wax has a memory so the first burn is very important. The candle must burn until a golden liquid sea pools across the top of your candle, approximately 1cm should be fine.

It helps before lighting your candle again to trim the wick to around 5mm. Wick trimming  – keeping them short and clean will eliminate any unnecessary ‘smokey’ burns. If your candle is flickering or smoking you will need to extinguish the flame, straighten the wick and then trim it before re-lighting. This will also give your scented candle a longer life. You can get some lovely wick trimmers online and soon from our store.

Keep out of reach of children and pets and place on a level, fire resistant surface. Don’t forget to extinguish your candle before leaving it alone.

Each Candle should be blown out and cooled before reaching three hours straight burn time. 

Caring for your candle will ensure that it keeps on and on, burning brightly for you.


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