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Does that life include working flexibly around your family or lifestyle? Working from home or while travelling?


Great because the universe has just brought you right here to the perfect place!

Sign up right now to our affiliate members club and we will offer you a free and flexible way to earn good commissions on the sales of our worldfriendly candles. (Candles btw, that have lots of growing and loyal fans!)

Becoming a world friendly affiliate club member of Barenaturals is simple. Our club is free to join, no setup costs, easy to sign up and requires no technical knowledge!

As an affiliate club member, all you need to do is to share your own personal unique link (you get this on registration) and encourage others to take a look at our candles. When they buy a candle or more, you will get paid an attractive commissions in return. 

How Does It Work?

When you join our affiliate club, you will be given your own personalised link to use wherever you want; like instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat, pinterest etc - even emails.

When someone clicks on your link they will be brought to our website and whatever they buy will be tracked by our clever affiliate members codetracker and credited to you. Once your customer completes a purchase, your commission is credited to your account. You will get an email telling you someone has bought and you can see how much you have earnt. 

For example: 

Anne registers and gets her link. She writes a quick post, adds a picture from our website and publishes it to her instagram, facebook and twitter feeds. From her post and her resharing she generates 20 sales. We log these sales and credit her account with 20% of the sale price. All of her sales were from our 18.99 Candle range and she has made about £80 from her one post, a lot of them while she was sleeping. 

Each time she shares her link with people who are buying she will make money. It doesnt cost her anything apart from a couple of minutes to create a post. There is no limit on how much she can earn, if creating shareable posts with her link was something that she enjoys she can earn as much as she wants - all from the comfort of her home or while traveling. With hours to suit around her lifestyle. Now thats the best job in the world! 

What are you waiting for! sign up today and start earning

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