At Barenaturals, we are a business rooted in giving and work each day to improve lives through business.

We know that we are part of something bigger and are here to do more than just get our jobs done. We are here for one, another.

Before applying for a position you should consider if you fit well with our ethics and culture and align with our mission to save the world, by any (ethical) means possible!

When we have an opening, we will list the position here. If you are not seeing anything we might not have a need, but that's not to say we can't be tempted. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

Send in a speculative letter introducing yourself and telling us more about you. Don't worry about formal CVs or having a super education, we look for potential not ticked boxes. 

Current positions:

Independent Sales Representatives

More info and to apply click here

    Guest Bloggers/Vloggers

    We are looking for regular contributors to our blog. Topics should be world friendly and packed with positivity. We will credit you as the author, provide a link to your website and give you repeated exposure throughout our social platforms. Send a message for more info. 

    Social Media Intern

    Great experience if wanting to follow a career in digital marketing, we will train and guide you every step of the way. A chance to grow your skills through our social media platforms. Remote/from home working opportunity. 

    Contact us below about any of these positions.