World Candle Day

World Candle Day Official Sponsors

Barenaturals are proud to be official sponsors of World Candle Day 2018. An event that uses the power of focus and intention to light up the world and bring forth light, love, healing and abundance. 

Every year on 24th January people from around the world unite by lighting a candle and thinking about something positive they would like to manifest in their life and the world. Some think about world peace, environmental issues, poverty alleviation, species threatened by extinction or homelessness. Some think about matters more personal to themselves, maybe the honouring of a memory of a loved one, wishes for their own comfort and happiness. It doesn't matter what you wish for, the power is in the collective thought of love, healing and abundance brought forth into the world in one day. 

You can light your candle at any time and spend a few moments after lighting it to stare into the flame and really concentrate on your wish and the positive impact your wish will make either to yourself or the world, 

You can organise a World Candle Day party and join with friends and family because the more candles we light and the more our intentions shine, the brighter the power of love will be.

You don't need to use one of our candles, (although we would love you too!). But if you would like to focus on the kind of candle light that plants ten trees as well, then a Barenaturals candle would be a great choice for you.

Sign up to our newsletter and closer to the time we will send a really lovely candle offer to you, just for World Candle Day.