Donation to The World Friendly Foundation

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It’s been the hottest year on record for the third year in a row and nearly 1 in 6 species are now at risk of extinction from climate change.

The world is changing - fast - and it’s never been more important to show that you care.

We have the strong foundations for action – each of our products will grow at least one new tree for our earth. These trees are the lungs of our world. They create and repair habitats for animals and people. They cleanse and refresh the air. They control the flow of water, reduce flooding and provide food and shelter and medicine. 

Trees are a crucial part of life on this Earth. 

If you would like to take more direct action. Donate to our World Friendly Foundation and we will grow more trees for you, your family and your world.

Join up our Climate Change Buddy Group to find out what action is happing and how you can get involved. A clear message that you want action on climate change right now.  

One small pound will grow TEN trees! and thats a mightly legacy for you to provide and dedicate to your daily deed of a random act of kindness! Thankyou.