Espresso & Orange Natural Exfoliating Soap

Espresso & Orange Natural Exfoliating Soap

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This sophisticated little number oozes Parisian charm. A coffee and a morning snack? Yes please.

We’ve added a dash of zesty orange to a sassy espresso and bundled it all up in a soap guaranteed to get your motor running. It’s masculine. It’s manly. It’s totally metro cool.

Totally natural, our organic Espresso and Orange looks and smells good enough to eat but we recommend you resist the temptation to nibble on a slice for elevenses. Work up some luxury bubbles instead and treat yourself to a sensation overload usually reserved for the taste buds.

If we were gourmets we might talk about how the top notes of citrus balance the slightly bitter, earthy aromas of a freshly made, piping hot espresso. But we aren’t. So instead we’ll just promise you a totally refreshing, utterly indulgent foam that coats hands and body with a beautiful scent while treating skin to a zesty spring clean. We’ve even added real ground coffee beans as a natural exfoliant, helping to slough off dried and flaky bits and reveal fresh, healthy new skin!


Saponified (made into soap) ingredients:Olive Oil, Palm oil (RSPO certified), Coconut Oil, Espresso Coffee Grounds, Essential Oil of Orange. 

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