Herb & Tea Tree Natural Facial Soap

Herb & Tea Tree Natural Facial Soap

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When you’re facing a morning there’s nothing better than perking up tired skin and bleary eyes than our Herb and Tea Tree facial soap. Packed with fragrant herbs and a hearty dash of soothing tea tree, it’ll perk you up in no time.

If you’ve had a night on the tiles, don’t work yourself into a lather – just let this luxury, foaming facial soap work its magic instead and banish the pesky telltale signs of frivolity on a school night.

If biology was never your best subject, we’re here to tell you that tea tree oil hails from Australia. An essential oil that beauty buffs have long believed has calming, soothing properties. It’ll also help to clear stressed out skin.

Bonus points for its delicious herby scent. Stuffed full of wonderfully natural ingredients, it’ll give your problem, irritated or lacklustre skin some delicious food for thought!


Saponified (made into soap) ingredients:

Olive Oil, Palm Oil

), Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Rosemary and Thyme. Green Clay. 

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